Through the door of Genius English School students enter an all-English environment. We are dedicated to developing the skills of listening,
speaking, reading and writing. We stress phonics, English conversation and reading orally each day.

It is important that each child develop the English skills that will
provide for success. At Genius English we are dedicated to providing for the needs of individual students. Remedial programs are at no
cost. Our goal is to help every student achieve some success each
day. Our curriculums will focus on the concepts of English, and give
students a basic understanding of English.
By this method our students will develop the confidence to learn English and
the ability to understand. Using English as a natural way to communicate with
the peoples of other countries begins at Genius English.

With the participation of you, the parents, the English teachers and a good
English environment your children will meet with success. Students will be
proud to say
Im a Genius English student. We are number one.